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TimeBench: simple and location-independent video analysis

TimeBench is the intuitive analysis software for your high-speed camera from Optronis. TimeBench was developed mainly for the CamRecord to allow data obtained from the shots to be professionally analyzed in detail. However, beyond that the analysis software also makes the parameterization of high-speed cameras easier. In addition, TimeBench gives you functions for video display, image acquisition, video analysis and for storing and managing video data. It's then extremely easy to document the results of the analysis in the relevant image, as well as inserting notes and comments.

Multi-camera applications

TimeBench supports you with a simple integrated tool for configuring applications with several high-speed cameras, as it allows basic camera configuration parameters to be transmitted to the additional cameras. TimeBench can therefore shorten the setting process for several cameras for you and simplifies the camera configuration itself.

Web-based camera control

Until the start of 2012, it was only possible to control high-speed cameras from one PC which was directly connected to the camera. In other words, the user had to be directly on site. Since TimeBench was released, although the high-speed camera can also be positioned like a standard camera and connected locally to a PC on which TimeBench is installed, this PC, however, then takes over the function of a server, to which several devices, such as other computers, iPads and smartphones, can be connected with the new web service. Via the web, you can now access TimeBench locally using the integrated devices, allowing recordings to be controlled independent of the location. TimeBench is included in the scope of delivery of all CamRecords supplied. To install it, all you'll need is a standard computer with MS Windows Vista or MS Windows 7.

TimeBench features at a glance:

  • Image trigger for automatic recording startup
  • Logo and text overlaid into the sequences
  • Fully adjustable pre- and post-triggers
  • Export of AVI formats
  • Image content measurement
  • Preview images for simplified navigation
  • Real-time display
  • Synchronous multi-camera control
  • Location-independent control via web service