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Led lighting

Marathon MultiLED


The MultiLED set

  • powerful LED-based lighting system
  • up to three LED lamp heads
  • flashing mode / strobescope mode
  • generator synchronisation


  • Up to 3 separately controllable lamp heads
  • Steplessly variable power
  • One strobescope / flash input with exposure times down to 50 µ sec (white) or
  • 500 nanoseconds (green)
  • Output for generator synchronisation (chain)

LED lamp heads

  • Approximately 800 Watt power per lamp head compared with Halogen light
  • Very long lifetime (50,000 h)
  • Very ow heat radiation
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • 5 m high-quality rugged cable included


  • Different LED colors (white, red, blue, green)
  • Different opening angles (11° / 30° / 120°)
  • Longer cables

Value, packed

The multiled SET comes with 2 Manfrotto tripods and swivelling heads. All components securely stoed in a Hedler Light Bag.
Other accessories on request.

Infrared and UV

Infrared and UV versions are also available.

MultLED High-G

Detonate it. Crush it.
Drop it on concrete. The military tested MultilLED High-G will survive. 60° or 120° light cone.

MultiLED R100

100 watt Ring LED for small objects and exposure times down to 1 microsecond, depending on used camera and lens.

Single lamp heads

including power supply, lenses in:
15° / 20° / 30° / 60° / 180°


Continuous light lamp heads including power adapter. The MultiLED LT is available in 11°, 30°, and 120°.

Multiled FT

Continuous / triggered mode. (BNC ttl) scalable flash time.


Continuous / triggered mode. (BNC ttl) Pulse-width flash time.

MultiLED U80

LED below light.
Handle objects manually or automatically directly above a large LED.


Predefined module sizes and power allow us to realize your LED array at nearly any combination of power and size in no extra delivery time.


  • Multi lamp head power
  • supply IP environmental
  • protection Machine
  • vision solutions Lemo connectors