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High speed cameras

Making details visible

Measuring accuracy tasks that go right down to the nano range and production speeds that are barely visible to the human eye have raised the requirements for quality assurance. So much so, in fact, that image processing is often the only way of measuring and monitoring production. Whether processes are too fast, products too sensitive or the alternatives too complicated, high-speed cameras are becoming the tool of choice for meeting quality and processing requirements in industry. And not just in sectors with high levels of automation: even in more basic areas, high-speed photography often brings insights that result in new findings and new approaches.

Best Practice error analysis

Reason for production stoppages exposed at rolling mill
Industry: error analysis

At BSW's rolling mill, problems repeatedly cropped up in production with a shear system for hot stock. Instead of gliding smoothly into the channels provided, the rolling stock would often become stuck. Inspections with the naked eye were unable to pinpoint the source of the problem. Download

Gaining an insight into new worlds

Monitoring is one of the key competencies for successful industrial and higher education research and for scientific purposes. However, when the job exceeds the capacity of the human eye, the key insights are provided by high-speed cameras from Optronis. They monitor behavior and verify theories empirically.

Best Practice Behavior analysis

New findings for the shoeing of show jumpers
Research: Behaviour analysis

Jürgen Gotthardt is a state-qualified farrier who has used the CR 600 to analyze the impact on the hoof of a conventional open hind leg horseshoe and that of a closed sports shoe on landing from a jump.

Experimentation: The perfect weld seam
Research: Experimentation

The GKSS Research Centre in Geesthacht monitors welding processes using the CR600 in order to optimize them and provide for greater material safety. The centre carries out a number of projects including working with AIRBUS Germany to investigate welded alloys used in lightweight engineering.