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Cameralink CL

CamPerform – machine vision efficiency

Real-time machine vision with CoaXPress

•    Data rate of 2 GB/sec
•    4 to 25 MP resolution
•    Distances of over 200 feet at full data rate

GenICam standard for easy integration

•    Standardized configuration
•    Clearly laid out user interface
•    Standardized descriptions of camera features

Industry-standard design

•    No ventilation slots
•    Standard lens mount (C/F mount, M42)
•    Sturdy camera housing

Flexible and user-friendly

•    EMVA standard
•    CoaXPress and CameraLink interface
•    The product family that meets all requirements

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CamPerform – the series

You need to develop your own high speed camera application in your testing machine or equipment ? CL series is the best solution with its low cost and its SDK (Software Development Kit).

NOTE: each camera requires a CameraLink frame grabber

  CL300 600 CL300 600
  CL300X2 CL600X2
sensor resolution 1.280 x 1.024 1.280 x 1.024
frame rate 125 frames per second 500 frames per second
highest frame rate 25.000 frames per second 100.000 frames per second
interface CameraLink CameraLink
increase the frame rate yes yes
reduction of sensor resolution limited horizontal / vertical
sensor color or black and white color or black and white
sensor pixel / distance between pixels 14 um / square 14 um / square
sensorsize 22,95 Millimeter 22,95 Millimeter
Objektiv Mount (option) C-Mount, Nikon F-Mount, Nikon F-Mount (for G-series) C-Mount, Nikon F-Mount, Nikon F-Mount (for G-series)
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